Yuli Naumov

I am Yuli, Born in North Bulgaria, based in London, England.
I'm a portraiture & pet photographer, I take pictures of people. Ultimately, I love shooting people with their pets. 
My passion began with 'photo safaris' around the City of London six years ago and then grew to an extended amount.
No matter if it's a dog or a human being, my main goal when I am shooting is to show the movement, charm, uniqueness, and enthusiasm of each creature. I look for a sense of defiance and fortitude in my work.

A few months ago, we met with Kaisa in the Peckham Rye park located in South East London. We did an afternoon outdoor shooting session. Collaborating with her was such a piece of cake - she knows what she wants, she's experienced in posing, and she has a very constructive approach. The final result speaks for itself!

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