Yasmin Igne


  • info@yasminigne.com
  • Website: www.yasminigne.com
  • Location: Toulouse, France
  • IG: yasmin.igne
  • FB: www.facebook.com/YasminIgneBoudoir

My name is Yasmin Igné and I am an international, female Boudoir photographer based in Toulouse, France. My main work is with private clients but I work with models on portfolio building as well. My mission has always been to show that all women have the right to love and celebrate their bodies, just the way they are. Every woman is stunning, regardless of age and dress size - our differences is what makes us uniquely beautiful!

Kaisa was one of the first plus size ladies I had the honour to shoot with and I am still in love with the results. Together we posed and captured incredibly personal portraits illustrating not only beauty and sensuality but strength and vulnerability all at the same time.
Shooting plus size models in lingerie is not easy but I have always been determined to create Boudoir for every imaginable kind of female body type. All Boudoir photo shoots are about giving women confidence to show off their sensual side. My photo shoot with Kaisa resulted in very special Boudoir photographs but it was another corner stone in my professional photography career. Obviously we have had a great time during the shoot and this reflects in the images. However, the main reason for this was because our collaboration gave me more practise in posing plus size women. This in turn now helps me give my clients even confidence and create flattering images for all body types.