Teodora Scridon

I'm Teodora, the hobbyists photographer behind the long exposures around the iconic London. I have started ©️TLS Photography almost 4 years ago, when I discovered spending time behind the camera is therapeutic , then I fell in love with it. My theory is simple:the less editing the better, so what I try to do is work on my settings prior to taking the photo. I was mostly into night photography, but I am also very keen on capturing people and colourful things with minimal editing required. I have only started portrait photography about 1.5 years when some of my close friends insisted I took their wedding pictures, and so it began. 

Working with the beautiful Kaisa really boosted my portfolio,every photographer should work with this brilliant,passionate,fun and easy going model. She doesn't need directions she knows exactly what to do, she knows everything about fashion,lightning, shapes and angles, and so she poses as if she can read your mind, but if you give her directions , she takes them on rapidly and effectively. We met and shot in Central London on warm night,with the colourful background at the Skatepark Southbank and went along the river for some more- we couldn't get enough of the fun we had together. I look forward to working with you again Kaisa, you've been amazing.