Leslie Pitt

My name is Leslie Pitt, I'm an enthusiastic amateur photographer who's been shooting "properly" for around two years around two years. My history and love for images stems back to my education where I studied film, media and video production in my further education. I was working previously as a Assistant Producer for TV which is where my interest in still photography came into fruition.

I've worked with Kasia on mostly fashion-based shoots. We got together when Kasia was looking for a photographer who was looking to shoot a plus size model. I jumped at the chance as my primary remits for a shoot is simply reliability and confidence. Everything else can come later. In the past we've shot in London, Brick Lane and in High Wycombe where I'm based. Our aim has always been getting images which highlight Kasia's self-assurance. In later shoots, we've worked together in bringing sensual plus size images together. Something that needs more representation in mainstream media.

As well as an amateur photographer, I'm a film writer and podcaster and you can find my various musings and images under my handle @Afrofilmviewer on both Twitter and Instagram.

Email: shamelessamateur@hotmail.co.uk

Instagram: Afrofilmviewer