This is Kaisa Henriikka


This is my first blog post. It's actually an introduction.  I am Kaisa Henriikka, 32-year-old plus size model from Finland, currently living in London. I moved to London 15 months ago and I never knew modelling would take me to this point. I want to start by saying that I am happy that I finally get to do this. This has been my dream since I was a little girl and I can't believe I've gotten this far. I never knew that it was so easy to get into the field. I thought a beginner model has to go through a lot of struggles, I thought I had to pay for a photographer to take my pictures. But I was resilient. I knew I had to start a portfolio. I set up my first casting call. I got so many responses that I got to choose who to work with. It built my confidence, this is actually something that I can do and people already believe in me even though they haven't seen any professional pictures of me. It was that first photoshoot that totally made the change for me. 6 weeks after moving to London. And just like that, I was a model. The pictures came out so amazing, I didn't believe it was me in the pictures. I posted them on Instagram and it just kicked off from there. Within the first 6 months I got to work with 15 photographers that were willing to help me build my portfolio. Within one year I have been able to model for different clothing companies, worked with many talented photographers and attended the most amazing photo shoots. I must say I feel like I have been living a dream.

I wanted to write this first post to tell you more about myself and how I ended up where I am right now. I was always the confident child, even though I was bullied in school. I never cared about the things people said about me because I have had a healthy confidence since I was a child. I have to give thanks to my dad who I look up to. He has always showed me that it doesn't matter what size you are or how you look like you have to find the confidence within inside of you. That's how I've been living my life, I have always thought that I am special. I know that I have that sparkle in me and with that thought in mind I can do a lot of things. I knew I can be a great model because I have that confidence in me. I will be writing more about body confidence and how to find your inner sparkle but now I just want to welcome all of you to my website. I will be sharing posts about my recent shoots, my encounters in the modelling world and what's happening in London. But most importantly, how do I survive in this overly competitive world of being a plus size model. I can't wait to talk to you guys soon. 

-Kaisa xx-