London Fashion Week


Hi lovelies,

 I wanted to talk to you about London Fashion Week and how I ended up being casted for a catwalk there. I saw somebody advertising in Facebook that models of any shape, size and age are welcome to try out for Fashions Finest catwalk during London Fashion Week. I messaged the poster and she invited me for a casting. That casting was one Sunday afternoon and I was the last one to attend. 

I walked into a big conference room filled with 80 people. I quickly realised I was the last to arrive and it was nerve wracking. I went to one lady and she gave me a form to fill. After I filled the form she said I should wait. The big room was like an actual catwalk, there were seats on the both sides of the runway and I saw all those 80 people staring at me. At the end of the runway was a judge panel. 7 judges. All looking at me. One of them said "walk". So, I started walking along the runway and it felt like forever. Everyone was looking at me. One of the judges said "give me that sass", so I made a little turn, shook my booty and smiled. Everyone started cheering. At that point I knew they'd love me. 

There were three rounds and in each round people got eliminated. I made it through the first round, I made it through the second round. At each round we had to walk again. After third round there were about 30 people left. It was the time for a final cut. And then there were 20 and I was one of them. The judges congratulated us and said we have made it London Fashion Week. I was thrilled!

The photographer took headshots of everyone and Fashions Finest staff gave us the timetable for fitting.  The staff was so lovely and full of energy, so I felt really good. I wanted to make sure that I get to speak to the person I was in contact with on Facebook. So I went to say hi, chatted for a bit and said I cannot wait for the catwalk. The whole event lasted for one hour. I changed back to my flip-flops and walked away. Just like that I was a part of London Fashion Week. And the best part is, there was only one other plus size model that got through. I will stand out and make you all proud. I promise.

xx Kaisa

PS. Make sure you also follow Fashions Finest Instagram account for updates. Maybe you will even see a familiar face...