Absolute no-no's


I am not going to lie, I think many blog writers try to pretend like life is perfect and everything's going by the book. But let me tell you it doesn't always go like that. I've had good photoshoots and I've had bad photoshoots. I've had some really interesting creepy stuff happening to me and I want to be able to share that with you as well. I think it is important for everybody to know that modelling industry is just as weird as people think. Usually people are professional, they do what they're supposed to do and they are talented. But like in every industry, there are some bad ones in the bunch. I want to tell you about some bad experiences I've had while I have done my shoots. One of them was actually a lingerie shoot at my place. The photographer arrived and I was wondering why he was so nervous. His hands were shaking and he came off as very insecure. We had a 2-hour shoot, it was paid. 15 minutes after we finished, he texted me on his way home. He said "I don't think the photos turned out great, I was so turned on all the time". This is a great example of a very unprofessional photographer. I have another example, an outdoor shoot with a fashion photographer. The shoot itself went well, we were shooting for hours outside in a beautiful location in Mayfair London. After to shoot I had to change my clothes, so he kindly offered a space for me. I started changing my clothes and I noticed that he was staring at me. I asked him to look away. It is not ok to stare at the model when they're changing their clothes. It is also not ok to comment on how the model looks, unless it has something to do with the shoot or poses. It is not ok to ask model out after a successful shoot. It's not ok to get turned on during a shoot. It's not ok to push the model's limits during the shoot. If lingerie is agreed, asking for nudes is not an option.

I wrote this because I want to be completely honest with all of you. It is not glamorous. If it's an outdoor shoot, I usually change my clothes in a bush if I can't find a toilet. But after all, it is what I love to do and luckily at least 90% of my modelling experiences have been absolutely delightful.