Essi Suomalainen

Photography taken by: Aino Reiman
Photography taken by: Aino Reiman

My name is Essi Suomalainen. I have studied photography four years and also learned graphic design and videography at Vocational school. In 2016 I started to photograph properly, in that year I photograph the funeral, the wedding, the christening and the many children and family photoshoots.

Now I'm more intrested about fashion. I had photographed only fashion photoshoot this year. I'm constantly trying to find my own photography style, and after studying at the adult education college, I found art. In next year I'm applying to Academy of Arts. My dream is to become great fashiong photographer.

I saw Kaisa's announcement in the group of TFCD Photographers and Models and I contacted her immediately. We matched our schedule together and agreed on what day we should photograph. 

Location to photoshoots was at the Senate Square proposed by Kaisa and the colorful Huvilakatu at Eira, Helsinki. It was my first TFCD gig and the first properly fashion photoshoot I had ever done. I'm really pleased with the pictures and really happy that we worked together.


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Based in Helsinki/Lahti, Finland, but for photoshoot I'm ready to travel