Ellise Smith

I am a first-generation, low-income student who recently graduated from Indiana University. During my time as a master student, I researched topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion with a focus around social justice.


I found a gap in literature focusing around the experiences of fat bodies and wanted to change that narrative. In doing so, I created the brand Fatness Fiction and the podcast +Plus Size Magic Radio. These platforms were created to continue discussion and dialogue around the misconceptions of fat bodies. Fatness Fiction birthed from the desire to have more narratives about plus sized bodies included in daily discussions while breaking down the negative connotations associated with size.

Fatness Fiction is a platform that allows for OUR stories to be heard. The fat experience is not a monolith, we are not monolithic. Therefore, we must continue to engage in these conversations in order to create space

​Is that include our narratives​

In the media, fat bodies have been portrayed as lazy, stupid, self loathing, and unattractive to name a few monikers associated with size. My goal is to create a space that allows people to see themselves through the narratives they find via Fatness Fiction or on +Plus Size Magic Radio.

Collaboration with Kaisa

Listen to the podcast here!

Kaisa and I conducted the interview on Fatness Fiction's +Plus Size Magic Radio. The purpose of our interview is to shed light and examine the experiences of those in bigger bodies. Kaisa is a well known model and influencer on social media and her story provided insight to the experiences of plus size bodies. As a model, she provided advice and a look into the value of self confidence and finding beauty in yourself.